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The Complexities Of Title Law

Every real estate investor understands the headaches of inadequate title services. Title search and opinion letters are integral to every real estate investment, but without skilled, reliable legal aid, the deal can fall apart.

I’m Charlie Kim, and at my firm, Law Office of Charlie Kim, PLLC, I provide my clients from North Texas with my skills and intuition regarding title law; I’ve been a real estate attorney for more than 20 years. I know how to effectively and efficiently research a piece of property.

The Risks Of Title

Title insurance is a risk mitigation tool that allows you to secure your projects if there is an issue with a property you want to buy. Title searches often turn up problems such as:

  • Liens
  • Errors in the documents
  • Disputes over property lines

A detailed title search can also raise questions about the validity of the documentation and ownership of a property in the first place. Any one of these matters can devastate your plans for a piece of property.

Effective Searches, Thorough Advice

For more than 20 years, my clients have turned to me for my speedy, effective and thorough title search and title law skills. I prioritize your time and money in my work, but that does not come at the cost of quality.

I ensure that each title matter I work on is thoroughly researched. I provide highly detailed histories and recommendations that people can count on. It is what my clients deserve. It’s what you deserve.

Service You Can Be Comfortable With

I stand out for my dedication to a high standard of service to people and businesses across North Texas. I take your questions seriously, and I treat you and your business with respect and care. Call my office in Plano at 972-200-0462 or send me an email to schedule a consultation.