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Starting Off The Right Way

Starting a business is the most exciting time for an entrepreneur. There are many possibilities and questions to answer, and the most vital of these is “What should my business formation be?” Do you know?

It’s OK if you don’t, because I’m here. My name is Charlie Kim, and I’m a business law attorney for people across North Texas. I provide a wide range of business and real estate services to entrepreneurs, and I can help you understand your choices.

So, What Are Your Choices For Business Entity?

Primarily, there are three major types of legal entities for a business. They all have unique features and relative levels of liability and tax concerns. These entity choices are:

  • Corporations: A corporation is a legal entity on its own. It has the highest level of liability protection for its owners but also the greatest tax liability.
  • Limited liability company (LLC): An LLC has some liability protection, but not nearly as much as a corporation. It has far fewer tax liabilities.
  • Direct ownership: This is also called sole proprietorship and can include partnerships. It is the direct ownership of a company by the individual. There is no liability protection and no added tax burden.

Your choice of business entity will depend on your business type and personal liability protection needs. Generally speaking, a professional practice – like a dentist or an accountant – will often fit well in an LLC. A property developer may choose to pursue a corporation.

How Do You Choose?

Your choice of corporate structure is entirely up to you. However, I will provide you with my advice – built on 20 years of experience in the North Texas business community. Once you’ve decided, I will take on the difficulties of filing the proper paperwork and helping you move on to your new business.

Start Your Business The Right Way

Contact my firm, the Law Office of Charlie Kim, PLLC, to schedule a meeting with me to discuss your business and goals. Your choice of business entity isn’t final, and you can change it if you need to later. I can explain the law to you entirely. Call 972-200-0462 or send me an email using this form.